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Datei: CHANGES.txt

2007-04-18: Version 0.6
- Clicking anywhere outside an open calendar now closes the
  calendar. I have noticed that many people instinctively try
  try to close it that way (clicking anywhere outside).
- Tested with IE 7 and Opera 9.20 (working).
- Added support for XHTML.

2006-11-23: Version 0.5
- Made most of the options configurable without modifying the source
  code (just declare the variable before including the script).
- Added manual event notification code (onchange).
- Removed 'onFocus="this.blur()"' because it breaks tab chains.

2005-08-16: Version 0.4a
- Changed calendar symbol.

2005-08-15: Version 0.4
- Changed from class to inline style specification due to internet
  explorer not handling the <style> definition correctly when not
  in header (but in body).
- Forced layout with blind images.

2005-08-15: Version 0.3a
- Small re-packaging, renamed INFO to README.

2005-08-09: Version 0.3
- Complete re-packaging, created the files README, CHANGES, and INFO.
- Changed the license model to M.I.T.
- Added (a few) comments and a sample HTML page.

2005-07-24: Version 0.2
- Many additions and extensions, nice layout.

2004-11-05: Version 0.1
- Initial version (first approach).
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