Die aktuelle Version ist 1.2a (Info & Quelltext).

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Delphi unit containing the non-visual component TDropFilesTarget which
implements the DragAcceptFiles / WM_DROPFILES API for any control that
has a window handle (TWinControl descendant).

Version 1.2a - always find the most current version at

Copyright (C) 2005, 2006 Volker Siebert <flocke@vssd.de>
All rights reserved.

License: M.I.T. (see source resp. the included file "INFO.txt")


2006-01-01: Version 1.2a

  • Verified to work with Delphi 2006 - no changes.

2005-08-09: Version 1.2

  • Complete re-packaging, created the files README, CHANGES, and INFO.
  • Changed the license model to M.I.T.
  • Added (a few) comments.

2005-07-12: Version 1.1

  • Switched from pure subclassing of the window via GWL_WNDPROC to a completely different way using the "TControl.WindowProc" property.

2005-07-11: Version 1.0

  • Initial version.

Alle Versionen

Name   Version   Größe   Datum / Uhrzeit
DropFilesTarget   1.2a   10.014   01.01.2006 16:41:27
DropFilesTarget   1.2   9.947   13.08.2005 10:06:04

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DropFilesTarget, TDropFilesTarget, TDropFilesInfo, DragAcceptFiles, WM_DROPFILES.

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