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Utility unit for Toolbar2000 and derived components like TBX or SpTBX to
merge two sets of toolbar items together. See the included file README.txt
for information on how to use it.

Version 1.1b - always find the most current version at

Copyright (C) 2005, 2006 Volker Siebert <flocke@vssd.de>
All rights reserved.

License: M.I.T. (see source resp. the included file "README.txt")


2006-02-12: Version 1.1b

  • Small re-packaging.
  • Verified to work with Toolbar2000 2.1.7 and 2.1.8 - no changes.

2006-01-01: Version 1.1a

  • Verified to work with Delphi 2006 - no changes.

2005-11-16: Version 1.1

  • Changed version numbering, it's not a beta.
  • Verified to work with Toolbar2000 2.1.6.
  • Translated sample to english.

2005-08-09: Version 0.5 (1.0)

  • Complete re-packaging, created the files README, CHANGES, and INFO with (small) documentation in english an german.
  • Changed the license model to M.I.T.

2005-07-15: Version 0.4

  • Some further code cleanup.
  • Updated information for fsMDIChild windows on how to use the merger.
  • Added the option "moSeparatorAfterItems".

2005-06-30: Version 0.3

  • Changed the way how "hiding" works, hidden items are no longer moved to the source side but are simply kept in our list without parent. This way we can restore them even if the source is destroyed unexpectedly.

2005-06-27: Version 0.2

  • Added "TBFixImageList" to merge toolbars with different image lists.
  • Changed the way how separator items are grouped, see "FindEndOfGroup".

2005-06-25: Version 0.1

  • Initial version.

Alle Versionen

Name   Version   Größe   Datum / Uhrzeit
TB2Merge   1.1b   27.623   13.02.2006 16:35:37
TB2Merge   1.1a   28.126   01.01.2006 16:39:55
TB2Merge   1.1   28.054   17.11.2005 19:43:41

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