Die aktuelle Version ist 1.0 (Info & Quelltext).

Download: tb2rclk_1.0.zip (10.969 Bytes, vom 15.02.2006 07:54:00)



Delphi unit to be able to be notified of right clicks on Toolbar2000
items, e.g. to have popup menus for menu items. See the included file
README.txt for information on how to use it.

Version 1.0 - always find the most current version at

Copyright (C) 2006 Volker Siebert <flocke@vssd.de>
All rights reserved.

License: M.I.T. (see source resp. the included file "README.txt")


2006-02-12: Version 1.0

  • Initial version.

Alle Versionen

Name   Version   Größe   Datum / Uhrzeit
TB2RightClick   1.0   10.969   15.02.2006 07:54:00

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Toolbar2000, TB2K, TBX, Rechtsklick, Right click, Context menu, WM_TB2RIGHTCLICK, SetWindowsHookEx, WH_GETMESSAGE.

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