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Object pascal class to compare two string arrays (resp. text files) in the
way of the classical unix standard ``diff´´ program. See the included file
INFO.txt for information on how to use it.

Version 0.4a - always find the most current version at

Copyright (C) 2005, 2006 Volker Siebert <>
All rights reserved.

License: M.I.T. (see source resp. the included file "INFO.txt")


2006-01-01: Version 0.4a

  • Verified to work with Delphi 2006 - no changes.

2005-08-09: Version 0.4

  • Complete re-packaging, created the files README, CHANGES, and INFO.
  • Changed the license model to M.I.T.
  • Changed default value for "Heuristic" to 0.
  • Added (a few) comments to Diff.pas.

2005-08-03: Version 0.3a

  • Made "MemCheck" optional.
  • Changed a few things in the demo's main form.

2005-08-01: Version 0.3

  • Modified CountEqualLines to perform a pre-scan on the hash codes only (significant speed-up).
  • Changed info structure from object to record.
  • Modified heuristic handling.
  • Renamed "SameLines" to "CountEqualLines".

2005-07-29: Version 0.2

  • Added class "TStandardTextComparer".

2005-07-29: Version 0.1

  • Initial version.

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Pascal Diff   0.4a   13.287   01.01.2006 16:39:45
Pascal Diff   0.4   13.252   12.08.2005 18:53:46
Pascal Diff   0.3a   7.406   02.08.2005 08:35:00

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