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Delphi unit giving the ability to directly specify the filename for printing
when the "Print to file" option is checked, bypassing the query where to save
the file. See the included README.txt for more information and how to use it.

Version 1.4 - Always find the most current version at

Copyright (C) 2005, 2006 Volker Siebert <>
All rights reserved.

License: M.I.T. (see source resp. the included file "README.txt")


2006-08-10: Version 1.4

  • Fixed bug in "Patch_TPrinter_BeginDoc" - it could not work at all.

2006-08-08: Version 1.3c

  • Small fix in "CodeLen.pas" (Delphi 5 only).

2006-06-06: Version 1.3b

  • During the update to version 1.2 I forgot to add the two new units to the zip-File.

2006-04-15: Version 1.3a

  • Removed "Variants.pas" from the uses list to be compatible with Delphi 5.

2006-01-01: Version 1.3

  • Updated "GenCodeHook.pas", "CodeLen.pas", and "CodeMem.pas" to the new version to support Delphi 2006.

2005-10-23: Version 1.2

  • Modified to use the new version of "GenCodeHook.pas" along with the companion units.

2005-09-16: Version 1.1a

  • Changed the new function "SendFileToPrinter" to use the OpenPrinter -> StartDocPrinter -> StartPagePrinter -> WritePrinter -> EndPagePrinter -> EndDocPrinter API instead of sending the file directly to the device.

2005-09-15: Version 1.1

  • Added the function "SendFileToPrinter" for sending the captured output to the printer currently selected in Delphi's "Printer" object.

2005-09-12: Version 1.0

  • Initial version

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PrintToFile   1.4   33.341   10.08.2006 10:20:12
PrintToFile   1.3c   33.297   09.08.2006 09:45:06
PrintToFile   1.3b   33.217   06.06.2006 14:26:08

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PrintToFile, Print2File, Prt2File, Prn2File, BeginDoc, StartDoc, TDocInfo.

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