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Datei: CHANGES.txt

2009-11-02: Version 1.3d
- Added support for Delphi 2007 and 2009.
- Fixed bug for possible endless resize loop with right aligned text.
- Internal: added `CreateEx´ to `TTextServices´.

2007-02-28: Version 1.3c
- Full support for Delphi 3 and 4 added, now all files (even the samples)
  are fully compatible to all Delphi versions since Delphi 3.

2007-02-27: Version 1.3b
- Added support for Delphi 3, 5, and 6 (though Delphi 3 requires some
  manual action). Thanks to Lannes for the help with Delphi 3 ;)
- As promised: installation packages ;)

2006-10-19: Version 1.3a
- Changed the parameter type of `DrawRichText´ from `TTextFormat´ to
  `TRtfTextFormat´, because `TTextFormat´ is not known to Delphi
  versions prior to 2005.
  NOTE: The members' names have changed from `tf...´ to `rtf...´, so
        you will get errors when compiling old sources.

2006-08-17: Version 1.3
- Added a property editor for the `Caption´ property.
- Fixed a serious bug. RICHED20.DLL crashed on TxDraw with embedded
  pictures or objects.
- Changed component palette name to 'Flocke'.

2006-08-12: Version 1.2 (internal)
- Added unit `DrawRichText.pas´, in case you don't need a label but just
  want to paint RTF onto some canvas. Also added a sample application for
  that procedure.
- New property `Zoom´ (guess what it does).
- New event `OnResize´ (guess when it's called).
- Internal: public property `RichEditVersion´.
- Internal: protected property `TextServices´.
- Internal: Turned off AutoURLDetect.
- Improved checks and painting.
- Corrected fix from 1.1a.

2006-05-31: Version 1.1a
- Added missing call to TxSendMessage with EM_SETTYPOGRAPHYOPTIONS /
  TO_ADVANCEDTYPOGRAPHY (thanks to K. Kratzenstein).

2006-04-14: Version 1.1
- `Padding´ did not work without `WordWrap´, especially with right-aligned
  paragraphs which caused an infinite loop. I falsely assumed the requested
  size does not include the view inset - it does, but only for the
  horizontal part.
- Changed inheritance from `TInterfacedObject´ to `TObject´ in
  `DelphiTextServ.pas´, resolving the cross-referencing between the
  interfaces manually.
- Changed two prototypes in `TextServ.pas´ to better match their API

2006-04-01: Version 1.0a
- Added the `Document´ interface property to TRtfLabel.

2006-03-31: Version 1.0
- First public release.
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